Clone Seeds for Pennies Ebook

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Step by step guide to feminize hemp seed.



Notice: This information implies basic indoor cannabis cultivation/cloning knowledge.  If you have never grown cannabis in a controlled environment, reach out to someone who has or educate yourself on basic indoor cultivation practices.

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Clone Seeds for Pennies!

Produce 99.9%+ female “clone hemp seeds” for pennies, without any hermaphrodites.

In this E-book, you learn a step by step instruction on how to feminize cannabis/hemp seed.

Secondly, you learn the natural secret ingredient and where to get it.  This natural secret ingredient is what makes this all happen without stressing the plant, which is the number one cause for hermaphrodites.

Thirdly, you learn the exact recipe used by virtually everyone capable of producing 99.9%+ feminized hemp seed.

Fourthly, you learn processes and additional guidelines learned only from knowledge, trial and error.

To sum up, you learn the detailed understanding of genetic variation, as well as, how to overcome this natural phenomenon and establish a stable cultivar that can be used to produce feminized hemp seed, or in other words “Clone Hemp Seeds”.

1 review for Clone Seeds for Pennies Ebook

  1. Jerry Snyder, Oro Verde Hemp, Penrose, Co.

    I’ve been in the Hemp business since it became legal. I have a farm and processing facility in Penrose Co., and have been through about every problem there is growing this incredible plant. I’ve known Joe Carlisle for several years and been impressed with his scientific knowledge level and with his sense of integrity, so when I found out that he had written a book on seed production I sent for a copy. I was hoping to maybe pick up a pointer or two that could benefit our seed production program. After reading and studying the book for a short while, I found one thing very irritating. I don’t know why Joe didn’t get this book done several years ago! I immediately spotted mistakes that I have made that have cost me well over $100,000.00. The level of information in his book is amazing, not just about seed feminization, but also about genetics, pollination, selection, plant stress, and techniques that will produce strong plants. The book is written in a very understandable manner that is easy to follow and there are numerous techniques that are more advanced than anything else I’ve read on the subjects.
    In short, in my opinion this book is a bargain at any price. I’ve made some changes in my program that will make me 10 times what it costs. Joe’s offer to include follow up consultation makes it the bargain of the year. I sure wish I would have had it sooner.

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