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Feminized Hemp Seed for Pennies?


People using colloidal silver will never achieve 99.9%+ feminized hemp seed without hermaphrodites.

Colloidal Silver DOES NOT WORK!

Feminized Hemp Seed Breed Joe Carlisle

Hi, I’m Joe Carlisle and I want to share the highest guarded, and certainly the least understood secrets in the Hemp/Cannabis Industry.  It’s all about selecting the right genetics within any genetic pool!

Hawthorne Express High CBD Feminized Hemp Seed

Image courtesy of Margie Borecki

With this information you’ll be able to produce 99.9%+ Feminized Hemp Seed!

I spent the first 30 years of my working life in the dairy industry.  So, when i moved to Colorado in 2014, and became an apprentice to the cannabis plant, I realized that I had a huge advantage.  Hence, I realized I had been working with genetics my entire life, furthermore, Nature in animals is a lot like Nature in plants and its all Science.

Therefore, I came to understand the nature of this amazing plant.  Consequently, I was able to achieve what very few people have been able to achieve, which is, 99.9%+ feminized hemp seed without hermaphrodites.

As a result, in 2019 we made a great reputation for ourselves with Awesome Farmers throughout Utah, Nevada and even Colorado.

“Your Hawthorne Express literally saved our grow this year!”~Ron J. UT.

“We did good. Very good, and I credit your seeds for a large portion of that!”~Natasha UT

“CBD was great and THC came in well below .3.  I would definitely buy all my seeds in the future from Joe and have recommended others to him also.”~Tim Douglas UT

For a limited time, during 2020, my Family and I have chosen to share this information.  So my question for you is, do you see the value?  Even more importantly, ARE YOU one of the few that are lucky enough to find this information and QUICK enough to take action with this knowledge before we all get shut out by regulations that only protect huge corporations?


“Joe, we haven’t spoken in awhile, but I wanted to let you know that you have made a great impression with me an other farmers in Norther Utah, Thank you! Your seeds were the best, most consistent strain we grew this year.  We (International Growth LLC) were very satisfied.  Tim and Nick, are now new friends of ours, we recently praised you up and down for your seeds, your honesty and your willingness to be helpful.”~Margie B. UT

E-book: Clone Seed For Pennies


99.9%+ female “clone seeds” for pennies, without any hermaphrodites.

Firstly, we provided a step by step comprehensive guide along with what you need and where to get it.

Secondly, we also share the natural secret ingredient that makes it all happen without stressing, which is the number one cause of hermaphrodites.

This subject is filled with misinformation and perhaps even some misinformed people with good intentions.

 In addition, we share with you not only the exact recipe used by virtually everyone capable of producing 99.9%+ feminized hemp seed, but also the rest of the process with additional guidelines that can only be learned from knowledge, trial and error.

To sum up, we go into detail so you can understand genetic variation and how to overcome this natural phenomenon and establish a stable cultivar that can be used to produce feminized hemp seed, or in other words “Clone Seeds”.

This is the only offer that we are aware of that can literally save you years of frustrating mistakes.

100 days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I’ve been in the Hemp business since it became legal. I have a farm and processing facility in Penrose Co., and have been through about every problem there is growing this incredible plant.  I’ve known Joe Carlisle for several years and been impressed with his scientific knowledge level and with his sense of integrity, so when I found out that he had written a book on seed production I sent for a copy.  I was hoping to maybe pick up a pointer or two that could benefit our seed production program.  After reading and studying the book for a short while, I found one thing very irritating.  I don’t know why Joe didn’t get this book done several years ago!  I  immediately   spotted mistakes that I have made that have cost me well over $100,000.00. The level of information in his book is amazing, not just about seed feminization, but also about genetics, pollination, selection, plant stress, and techniques that will produce strong plants.  The book is written in a very understandable manner that is easy to follow and there are numerous techniques that are more advanced than anything else I’ve read on the subjects.
In short, in my opinion this book is a bargain at any price.  I’ve made some changes in my program that will make me 10 times what it costs.  Joes offer to include follow up consultation makes it the bargain of the year. I sure wish I would have had it sooner.~Jerry Snyder.  Oro Verde Hemp.  Penrose, Co.

Feminized Hemp Seed

Shooting Star


Feminized Hemp Seed

$1.00 / Seed

Feminized hemp seed from our Indica cultivar, “Shooting Star” high CBD industrial hemp. You can order this seed now for April delivery.

90-120 days outdoors

October harvest = June germination

(example Oct. 1st = first hard freeze, latest plant date = June 1st)

500g to 1000g of flower per plant

*Recommended for short growing seasons.

Hawthorn Express


Feminized Hemp Seed

$1.00 / Seed

Feminized Hemp Seed from our popular “Hawthorne Express” Hybrid cultivar, high CBD industrial hemp.

120-150 days outdoors

October harvest = May germination

750g to 1500g of flower per plant

*Recommended for greenhouse starts for outdoor transplant in short growing seasons.

Newtons Law


Feminized Hemp Seed

$1.00 / Seed

Feminized hemp seed from our sativa cultivar “Newtons Law” high CBD industrial hemp. You can order this seed now for April delivery.

150-180 days outdoors

October harvest = April germination

1000g to 2000g of flower per plant

*Recommended for long growing seasons.

Hawthorne Express High CBD Hyrbrid Feminized Hemp Seed

Image courtesy of Margie Borecki

Clone Seed Characteristics

  • Clone Seeds are awesome.
  • Clone Seeds are 99.9%+ female.
  • Clone Seeds won’t hermaphrodite.
  • Clone Seeds have tap roots.
  • Clone Seeds remember exactly what they are as well as what they are capable of becoming.
  • Clone Seeds must start with a single feminine Mother and a single feminine Pollen Donor.
  • Only females that remain 100% feminine throughout a stressful life cycle of testing should be cloned and used for breeding parents.
  • Once we select parents for our seeds, we want to avoid stress because under stressful conditions she will attempt to pass on masculine characteristics to her seeds, causing potential males and hermaphrodites.

Clones vs. Clone Seeds

First, it is important to understand that no two seeds are exactly alike. Even if you produce seeds from a single mother and a single father you will find it as much genetic variation from seed to seed as sibling to sibling.

In the case of a clone (which is a cutting form the mother plant) you get an exact DNA replica of the mother.

So, if you know that your mother is a champion, this is the best option…..Right?

Not necessarily. Clones are like miniature adults.  Consequently they are very likely to dwarf and mature at the first sign of stress.

Alternatively, the seed is required by the laws of nature to go through a maturing process that can be likened to people, first adolescents, second vegetation, third onto puberty before entering the state of flowering.

Couple this with the understanding that the nature of Nature is to do the best it can.  In short, you can see why the intelligence of a seed, in nature, can easily outperform a cutting from even the best of mothers.

Why share these self defeating secrets for feminized hemp seed?

Good question!

First of all, in our home state of Utah there are only two of us that we are aware of with the knowledge experience and genetics necessary to produce 99.9%+ feminized hemp seed.  Consequently, nine out of 10 growers had male problems that spanned from bad to very bad.

So, as you might well imagine, with a good reputation there’s a huge opportunity to sell seed for $1 to $2 per seed.

So why sell knowledge?

It’s simple!

Nobody knows where the price of high CBD flowers will settle once speculative interests are put in to perspective and supply and demand takes over.

Therefore, at the point of writing this, the wholesale price of “crude oil” is lower than most people could image.  Furthermore, at current prices most growers will end up losing money!

In short, we all need all the help we can get if any of us want to participate in this relatively new and exciting market of replacing opioids with cannabinoids!

“We lucked out finding the right hemp seeds, after hearing horror story after horror story about poor seed germination and 20 to 50% male plants, by word of mouth we bought 22,000 seeds from Joe Carlisle, I also had another neighbor buy another 20,000 seeds that we worked together during the growing season.  We had a 98 to 99% germination rate and transplanted starts, the starts had a 99% survival rate, after scouting for male plants all season we never had one male plant and my neighbor never found a male plant either. Joe is not a fly by night seed salesman and being a first year grower he helped us answer question throughout the year.  CBD was great and THC came in well below .3.  I would definitely buy all my seeds in the future from Joe and have recommended others to him also.”~Tim Douglas UT  

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